"Report of failure and success of selling my home in Twin Waters"

David & Beth - Twin Waters Sellers

This is a sad story with a happy ending.

I first listed why home with a new online selling agency, called after some coloured object. Why? The attraction was the low fixed commission with national promotion on the web.
Result, nil, nothing, no result at all. Not even one silly offer. Total waste of time and money.

Next listed with a local agent, resident of Twin Waters. Great talker, full of confidence, “have it sold quickly” “obtain the asking price” with a heavily discounted commission. That agent did try, with several open homes, but again not one offer. Zero result.

Third time lucky. Listed with Joanne Reilly.

With a totally different approach. Open homes every Saturday, many inspections, quite quickly a contract, which was withdrawn. However soon followed with another contract close to the asking price. This was successful and the house was sold with a long settlement of our choosing. Completely professional handling of all aspects of selling with a good conclusion.

I could not recommend a better more competent professional person to sell a home than Joanne Reilly. Total satisfaction.

Well done Joanne, congratulations.



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